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How to Craft a Sales-Marketing SLA for B2B Organizations

Is your B2B organization struggling to hit its revenue goals? Are you investing heavily in sales and marketing, but stuck feeling like they're each marching to the beat of their own drum? These challenges are not uncommon: In many B2B organizations, misalignment between these two crucial departments leads to missed opportunities, inefficiencies, and a lack of growth. They key to bridging this gap and driving sustainable, collaborative results is the implementation of a Sales-Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA).

LinkedIn Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Platform Should Your B2B Organization Use?

A recent report found 80% of marketers agree marketing has changed more in the last three years than in the last fifty! What does this mean for B2B businesses? Ultimately, it means you can’t just keep doing things the same way you used to. To stand out and meet your buyers’ needs, you have to adapt your approach.

Why B2B Manufacturers Must Embrace Digitalization to Thrive Today

As a leader at a B2B manufacturer, have you noticed that even post-pandemic, traditional sales and marketing methods are no longer delivering the growth they used to? If you're seeing this, you're not alone. According to ThomasNet research, B2B manufacturers' top struggle is the digital transformation of sales and marketing. Simply put, your customers are changing, and to continue to thrive, you need to adapt to the digital age.

How to Drive Manufacturing Growth with Customer-Centric Marketing

B2B manufacturing has long relied on traditional sales and marketing approaches. These include networking, print ads, and trade shows. But the market is changing – and quickly. New buyers are entering decision-maker and leadership roles. Those buyers grew up on the internet and have totally different expectations. And as the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on traditional marketing, these changes only accelerated.

3 Essential Marketing Strategies Every IT MSP Must Use to Grow in 2023

Many IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs) struggle with using marketing to grow. And it's not surprising! Because if you search Google for “marketing strategy ideas,” you’ll often get ideas like “post on social media,” “run LinkedIn ads,” or “create content for SEO.” But here’s the problem: None of these are marketing strategies. They are marketing tactics – what we like to call "random acts of marketing." This approach fails to attract and convert leads into sales and can be unsustainable in the long term. Without a solid marketing plan, you risk wasting time and money on tactics that may not work.