Acquiring Services Firms For The AI Age

Execo brings together privately-owned, best-in-class services firms to meet today's AI opportunity head on.

Today's Large Language Models aren't magic... They're  

Jet Fuel for Services Firms

Here's how Execo supercharges qualified services firms into high growth, high margins, and real exit opportunities...


Acquire "the Right Stuff"

We find growing, adaptable services firms who are ready to take their business to the next level.


Retool & Streamline Operations

We apply best practices in operational excellence to increase margins & growth.


Supercharge With AI

We infuse LLM-based AI to transform efficiency and unlock new markets.


Rendezvous With All-Stars

We bring a network of investors and experience navigating exits to maximize shareholder value.

What an Execo acquisition looks like

Are We a Match?

  • Acquire "the Right Stuff"

    Passionate Founders. Grit. Determination. Vision. We back founder-owners who are passionate about their customers and team.

    Loyal Customers. We look for steady growth and consistent profitability in disruption-resistant verticals.

    Employee-Centric Mindset. You should be laser-focused on hiring and retaining top talent. Having a top-notch team is everything.

  • Retool & Streamline Operations

    Seamless Integration. Before changing anything for customers, we focus on integrating back-office operations that take up your time, like finance and HR.

    Harmonized Process. From the tech stack to Finance, HR, Operations, and Legal, we bring modern, lean professionalism to acquisitions.

    Unbottlenecked Sales. Founder-led can only take you so far. By systematizing and investing in your sales funnel, we free founders up to build.

  • Supercharge With AI

    Process Automation. From human-in-the-loop chatbots to fully autonomous workflows, we apply a lean, AI-first lens to all operations.

    Service Expansion. We move acquisitions up the value chain by designing and delivering new, AI-first offerings to customers.

    Margin Transformation. We leverage AI to drive cost efficiencies and enhance profitability, reshaping profit margins.

  • Rendezvous With All-Stars

    Management Experience. We are founders and business leaders with expertise in raising capital, mergers & acquisitions, and selling companies.

    Founder-to-Founder. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we respect the founder journey and share your work ethic and focus on results.

    Transparency and Trust. As a US-based entity with best-in-class legal and financial practices, we can easily partner across the equity and financial ecosystems.

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Got "The Right Stuff"?

We love companies who provide these types of disruption-resistant services:

Legal Services

We are bringing to market the first "supercharged" attorneys – amplifying top tier attorneys with proprietary AI software.

Go-to-Market as a Service

We help companies go to market better by offering end-to-end GTM solutions across sales, marketing, and RevOps.

Hospitality and Real Estate

We help these disruption-resistant verticals market themselves to and serve customers.

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Execo Makes Acquisitions As Easy As 1, 2, 3...

  • Discuss

    We kick things off with open talks, hashing out terms that align with both parties, and wrap up this stage with a signed Letter of Intent.

  • Verify

    Up next, due diligence. We'll dive in to ensure all financial, operational, and legal details are spot-on.

  • Sign!

    When everything checks out, it's time to sign the final agreement!

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