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Where execution, talent, and AI converge.

Intelligent Managed Services
for the AI Age

  • Manage Contracts
  • Review Documents
  • Streamline Processes
  • Support Compliance
  • Adopt Legal GenAI
  • Get More Customers

Manage Contracts

Contract migration, abstraction, review and ongoing administration. Focus on real outcomes, access best-in-class GenAI through our alliances, and work with our trained legal engineers to get results – without the hassle.

Focus on real outcomes with our contract migration, abstraction, review, and ongoing support, leveraging best-in-class GenAI and trained legal engineers to deliver hassle-free results.

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Review Documents

Analyze contracts and extract key information, with humans-in-the-loop to verify accuracy.

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Streamline Processes

Manage legal workflows, streamline vendor and notice management, and free up time to focus on what matters most.

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Support Compliance

Ensure seamless adherence to regulations, backed by expert support powered by our best-in-class GenAI alliances.

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Adopt Legal GenAI

Take control of technology decisions with tangible, measureable GenAI-embedded services for smarter compliance, efficient document review, and streamlined contract management, all backed by expert support.

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Get More Customers

Accelerate growth with GenAI-powered go-to-market services, proven to produce results to service and technology providers across all industries, from IT MSPs, to legal service providers, to fast growing technology companies.

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What Our Clients Say

Real, measurable business impacts.

Turnkey & tailored managed services, powered by the right combination of People + AI

“They scaled up quickly, immersed themselves in our business, and in a matter of months, took us from zero to a consistent stream of high-fit leads. Their ability to quickly understand our business, our market, and our customers was incredible.”

Larry Lien

Chief Operating Officer


monthly lead generation in less than 6 months

“Execo does it all for us, and has been for more than two years. From lead generation to RevOps, and from digital marketing to traditional, they're is truly a ‘one-stop shop.’ But what stands out the most is their commitment to immersing themselves in our business. The bottom line: Execo delivers us real, measurable ROI and revenue.”

Tony Ausick

Senior VP of Sales


Return on Investment


How we uniquely deliver
exceptional managed services


Top global talent

We leverage the unique strengths of our talent pools around the globe – from the US to the Philippines to Kenya to India – to ensure you have the right mix of top talent at the most optimal cost.


Robust AI

We believe that, when adopted properly, AI supercharges top talent. We have developed proprietary processes and procedures, allowing our team to leverage AI in ways that no other services firm can.


Best-in-class management

With diverse backgrounds from the world's leading companies to founding our own firms, our leaders are highly experienced, detail-oriented, and entrepreneurial.


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