Introducing Aspire Marketing Group - and Explaining Our "Why"

Aaron Marks

Aaron Marks

This will be the only blog post we publish that explicitly focuses on us. As an agency, our focus is on you — helping you meet your goals, amplifying your marketing, partnering with you to get you the results your business needs.

But, for our first post, I felt a brief introduction to our purpose and mission was in order.

As I write this, I remember something I once said when I was younger in my career: “Companies only write their vision and mission so they can cite it to new customers and use it to justify firing someone.”

Funny enough, I’ve seen this mostly hold true as I’ve grown — a company’s mission is primarily lip service, and leadership only leans on it when it’s convenient to do so. This has never been more apparent for me than when I’ve worked with dozens of marketing agencies over the years.

I’m a big reader, and one of my most important influences has always been Simon Sinek. His book Start With Why (and the related Ted talk) have always been deeply inspirational to me. So, it’s always been tough for me when a company I worked for or partnered with never understood their “why”, never believed in it, and worst of all, started with their “what” instead. And, again, I never saw this more prominently than in the agency world.

That’s how I chose the name Aspire. Because we aspire to be different, across the entire experience, than your typical marketing agency.

My Background: Why I Founded Aspire

If you haven’t read my bio, I’ve spent most of my recent career “in-house”. During that time, I worked with a lot of different marketing agencies and other similar firms.

The constant theme in working with those agencies was the (poor) experience. We never felt important to them. They never took the time to truly understand my business. They were always certain their ideas and their model were best, and they weren't concerned about customizing their approach to our unique business needs. And to thank them for all that, they made sure we were billed for every tenth of an hour they spent thinking about us, and they pushed to get our projects off their plate as fast as possible.

After experiencing this time and again, across different employers in different industries, I decided to do something different. And that’s why I founded Aspire.

I believe that you deserve to expect the same dedication, passion, and quality from your agency as you would from your own employee. And I believe that small businesses deserve to have access to enterprise-caliber marketing, at an accessible price point.

This is our “why”. We commit to our “Why” as our central vision in how we work with customers and how we drive our growth.

We look forward to helping your company solve your unique problems. And we look forward to doing it as your trusted partner.

To learn a bit more about our unique approach, I encourage you to check out this video we've created:


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